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open the door to your authentic self

Appealing to the extraordinary senses and crafted for those looking to explore their inner selves at a deeper level while leaning into universal support and energies; the Aurelia Alchemy range draws on the blend of the logical, science mind and the esoteric medicine woman that Hannah, the therapist behind Catalyst Holistic Wellness offers, while also taking a further deep dive into the darker realms.

Do not fear the dark, for the dark is beautiful and grounding, the dark holds the answers that we often struggle to truly see in the light. The dark is filled with gifts and transformation, and these ranges have been developed to help you explore and embrace exactly that. 


After an extended wait, our new labels have finally arrived! They spent a wee while traveling the country and making friends with the postal system, but are finally here and can't wait to bond with their future product partners all under the Aurelia Alchemy brand.

However, that means all the newly crafted stock from the recent (totally amazing Scorpio full moon) has been labelled up with our old, yet glorious, clear vinyl labels as we weren't sure when... if... how (oh the drama) the new ones would arrive. And so all this stock NEEDS to go!

We will have 30% off all Catalyst Collection, Chakra Collection Sprays and Rollers and the Meridian Collection for the rest of this month or until stock runs out!

Holistic therapies

Catalyst Holistic Wellness is the culmination of years of passionate work and study across a variety of healing and wellness modalities as Hannah sought out the best teachers and mentors she could find world wide. Now Hannah blends her scientific and analytical mind that has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, with her deeper esoteric and intuitive side that seeks out inner truth and authenticity. Working with clients of all ages on all aspects of their health and wellbeing whether it be physiological, emotional or spiritual, to positively move forward in their lives.

"My ultimate goal is to help facilitate change for others by working with them to disarm their story and eliminate their limiting belief systems that have created physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dis-stress so they can move forward in life with balance and vitality. I work as the ferry master, helping to navigate the dark places and hold space for the process."


Are you looking to deepen your understanding of self and your connection to your authentic self?
On a transformative pathway and seeking further support to explore the challenges you find yourself faced with?
Do you feel that you could benefit from including some supportive daily ritual into your life, with some gentle accountability from a facilitator that is offering to hold brave space for you and your process?

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Can Touch This - Social Distancing Support Kit

We are finding ourselves in uncharted waters and as such many people are taking all and any measures to protect their health and immune systems. 

At the request of customers, clients and colleagues, we have put together this support kit to help. Support for your immune system and support for your precious nervous system and your emotional and mental wellbeing.

And Hopefully give you a chuckle while thinking about all the things you are being told you CAN'T touch! 

Use the Immune System oil to boost your physical system and encourage strong boundaries within your body systems.
Heart Elixir Essence to support you in staying in a heart centred space of love and connection, calming your nervous system and helping you shift your anxieties from a space of isolation and disconnection. 
Can Touch This hand sanitiser to take care of the practicalities of keeping you safe and healthy.
With calming crystal grid support and Nutra organics superfood latte to boost your system in a nurturing and delicious treat. 

get some support in your life


As a professional kinesiologist and business owner, I have been using and selling Hannah Ehrbar's CATALYST HOLISTIC WELLNESS products for over a year now and I have found them to be the cornerstone of some of the most profound health changes I have ever seen in all my years in clinic.  All her sprays, oils, and essences do indeed do exactly what they are created to do, to help both the practitioner and client support change and positive personal growth. Used separately or in conjunction with other therapies, they are easily the most reliable product I have in my healing toolbox! They have made me a far better healer for using them and this is reflected in my client numbers rising and my business thank you CATALYST! Easily the best business decision I’ve ever made.
Marisa Fraser, Kinesiologist/QBI practitioner/Pellowah educator and practitioner

I couldn't speak more highly of Hannah as a Health Care Practitioner. Every element of my life has blossomed since I began working with Hannah. From initially being in quiet a lonely, stagnant and lost time in my life, Hannah has coached me into understanding, learning and most importantly loving myself. Through family constellation sessions she helped repair the relationship with my mother, understand my female ancestry and my soul purpose and place here today. Hannah is highly knowledgeable, unprejudiced and committed to supporting her clients along their journey. Her oils and sprays are an absolute godsend in providing additional support in every day life. Thank you Hannah, you are one in a million. 
Sarah E

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I would like to acknowledge the original owners of this land and show respect to the traditional custodians of the lands that make up our region, the Yuwibara/Yuwi/Juipera/Yuibera people. I would like to pay my sincerest respects to all Yuwibara elders past, present and emerging and their ongoing connection to the coastal area, islands, land, water and community. This land where I craft and take part in ritual was and will always be aboriginal land.