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Fatigue Fighter Bundle
Fatigue Fighter Bundle

Fatigue Fighter Bundle

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Adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, chronic stress, fight/flight etc., are all words that have unfortunately become part of the normal vocabulary for so many. These bundles have been designed to support and nurture the system that is experiencing overwhelm and depletion. Nourishing across the physical, emotional and spiritual to bring your bodies back into balance. 

this bundle is valued at over $170 and includes
10ml Fatigue Fighter - Fight/Flight Roller
10ml Restoration - Deep Sleep Roller
50ml Grounding Spray
50ml Calming Spray
Organics for Lily Rebalance Me Tea 50g
Organics for Lily Boost Me Tea Test Tube
Nutra Organics Mermaid Latte

this bundle is valued at over $95 and includes
10ml Fatigue Fighter - Fight/Flight Roller
50ml Grounding Spray
Organics for Lily Rebalance Me Tea Test Tube
Organics for Lily Boost Me Tea Test Tube
Nutra Organics Mermaid Latte

Fatigue Fighter: When we watch other animals experience instances that bring on the survival fight/flight instinct we see how they are able to go through the behavioural and physical processes and eventually come to a place where they have shifted through that and eliminated the experience from their system. They have gained insights, experience and knowledge that they can apply to future situations shall they need, but the survival reaction has played out in full and they are able to continue on.

For humans, we are often not able to react in a way that allows the full cycle to play out and to shift out of our body. Often our biggest threat is how busy and high pressure our day to day lives are. This can mean we end up stuck in a state of fight/flight and also results in not being able to react differently when triggered by new stimulus. Our systems go into overwhelm and our bodies are flooded with Adrenalin and with the stress of every day life we can find ourselves becoming very lethargic and more prone to other health issues. This blend was crafted to support those that are struggling with high stress, feelings of living in survival, of never having enough energy to get through the day and the never ending to do list. For the person that feels tired not long after waking, or who cannot seem to make it past that mid afternoon energy slump to try and support their physical, emotional and energetic system to calm the nervous system and motivate the body to create a balanced expression of hormones to bring the body back to a true homeostatic state as opposed to one of survival. 

Restoration Roller: With the busy and stressful lives that many people lead today it can be very difficult to turn off the mind and relax the body at the end of the day to ensure that we are getting not only a full nights sleep, but that that sleep is restful and restorative.

Without adequate restorative sleep one can feel lethargic, unmotivated and unable to deal with stress, but our body systems also become stressed and don’t work as effectively. Ones immune system may not work as well leaving one open to illness. The digestive system may not be able to operate at full capacity leaving us unable to obtain the necessary vitamins and minerals we need to be able to feel a sense of vitality and health. One may have issues with weight, inflammation, mental clarity, concentration and focus. Inadequate sleep can often lead to emotional stress and instability that can leave one feeling unbalanced, over reactive and unable to easily overcome difficulties that the day may present them with. This blend has been crafted to promote a sense of relaxation, grounding, emotional release and balance and to alleviate stress in all the body systems that may be leading to disrupted sleep or insomnia.  

Grounding Spray: In the busy, often consuming and distracting world that we live in, it can be difficult to find a sense of grounding. We live lives where distraction is always available, and sometimes demanding our attention through work, study, family, etc., and we often don’t prioritise the behaviours and choices we need to ensure we can maintain a strong sense of where our centre is and our connectedness with ourselves and the world around us. 

This blend was crafted to assist those that are struggling to maintain a sense of integration and groundedness in their bodies, physically, emotionally and energetically. This may be a result of not coping and going into survival mode or may manifest as feeling frazzled and disconnected from others and nature. One may also find they are unable to tune into and connect with their own needs. This blend will promote a re-centering of the energy systems and a sense of stepping back into oneself, physically and energetically connecting to a deeper sense of grounding. Regardless of how busy or stressful one may perceive their life to be, they can come from a strong place of connectedness and centre, knowing they are safe and can trust themselves to make the best judgements to meet their needs. 

Calming Spray: This spray is designed to bring a space or a person a sense of calmness and clarity. It removes negative energy, built up tension and stress and promotes a feeling of unconditional love, trust, support and surrender. This allows those in the space, or the user, to trust in themselves, their situation and their judgement and to remain calm and confident regardless of their circumstance.

The spray connects the user with their higher self, their inner knowing and their ability to look within for the answers they hold for themselves, rather than coming from a place of fear and looking externally for answers. When fear or anxiety overwhelm a person or their system it can be difficult for them to surrender to the healing process. They may find themselves physically tense, emotionally wound up or blocked and unable to move forward in a positive manner. They find it hard to trust others and themselves and this may create difficulties with making changes that are more positive for themselves and those in their lives. One may find themselves feeling anxious or fearful for no obvious reason, or may find that no amount of logic can convince them that they need not worry. This spray can help dissolve those kinds of overwhelming negative emotions and thoughts and in turn the negative behaviours that may follow them. By promoting a safe environment and a sense of calm within the user this spray allows one to feel secure enough to trust their ability to move forward and to embrace their inner strength to face all obstacles they are presented with. 

Organics for Lily Rebalance Me Tea: Each ingredient has been carefully chosen and hand blended by Organics for lily Naturopath Melissa. This is an all round blend to nourish the adrenals and support digestion and detoxification. Great for stress, fatigue and exhaustion. Organic ingredients: licorice, peppermint, fennel, rose petals, hibiscus and coriander seeds. Caution: Licorice is not recommended for use in hypertension.

Organics for Lily Boost Me: Each ingredient has been carefully chosen and hand blended by Organics for lily Naturopath Melissa. Organic Ingredients: Licorice, astragalus, sheeps sorrel, siberian ginseng, echinacea, oats and lemonbalm. Keeps a balanced immune system. This blend of tea nourishes immune deficencies, poor immunity, chronic infection and autoimmune diseases. Restores adrenal function and is specifically indicated in recovery from chronic illness, stress, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, post vial syndromes and chemotherapy.

Nutra Organics Mermaid Latte: Mermaid Latte™ is a nourishing coffee alternative. This delicious infusion of sea minerals, blue superfoods and adaptogenic herbs makes a dazzling marine blue latte. Ayurvedic chai spices, creamy coconut milk and manuka honey complete the exotic flavours to deliver the perfect 'me time' coffee alternative. Enjoy with your choice of milk.

Our Aquamin Sea Mineral Complex is an Arctic sea algae grown on the ocean floor off the coast of Iceland in the North Atlantic Ocean, containing naturally occurring calcium, which contributes to normal energy metabolism. 

A fusion of Blue Spirulina and Blue Butterfly Pea Flower make our vibrant Blue Superfood Blend. The brilliant blue colour of our Blue Spirulina is part of the chlorophyll pigment found in Spirulina. Blue Butterfly Pea Flower is an ancient Thai botanical tea ground to a fine matcha powder, and has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic traditions for an array of differing purposes ranging from cooking to beauty.

Ancient adaptogenic herbs Ashwagandha, Siberian Ginseng, Licorice Root and Milk Thistle have been traditionally used in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Modalities for centuries, and make Mermaid Latte™ the perfect drink to wind down with after a busy day, or as a morning and afternoon pick me up.